Writer/Blogger living in Brooklyn

Clicking through “Runway Hippie” feels like engaging in a long conversation with your best friend. Sonia Evers, the fashionista behind the blog has that gift, to write conversationally but engagingly, with each post leaving you feeling that you are entering the world of someone who you want to go shopping with, maybe everyday, or at least tuck the entire contents of her closet.

This spring, she’s hoping to buy a pair of Sophia Webster heels. “They’re like candy for the feet! Honestly, some of [Webster’s] heels look like they belong in Willy Wonka. They’re my golden ticket for spring,” and hoping to tuck a certain Balenciaga clutch. “[Its] been calling my name for a few days now. I keep ignoring her call, but I think I’m going to do something about it pretty soon.”

Discussing her inspirations, Evers notes her love of Pinterest. “It’s like an endless supply of inspiration crack,” and then adds “and Nora Ephron will forever be my guiding light.” Anyone who’s ever read I Remember Nothing, or seen “You’ve Got Mail”, is sure to agree. We can be inspired by, or just be copycats of Sonia’s five must-haves, which include, “My Shu Uemura eyelash curler, my Acne Pistol boots, a leather biker jacket, a plain white t-shirt, and my cuisinart.”

When asked what piece she’d never bib she answers, point-blank: “My underwear. That just seems weird to me.”