Vintage Fashion living in New York

“In fashion today you just see so much: clothes and clothes and clothes, it’s crazy that there isn’t more recycling within,” Sammy laments, excited to get tucking.

“Fashion makes you feel better from within, Sammy enthuses (she is as about as enthusiastic as they come!) “We’ll always have trends but at the end of the day we choose everything about ourselves and the first thing that people see is what we wear, so we should let our style reflect our most authentic selves”

Sammy now uses her vintage fashion expertise consults for small vintage vendors to help spread #vintagelove and her belief that vintage clothing can make every woman feel great. And when we say expertise–by the way, we mean it: the girl can look at almost any garment and contextualize it historically, explain its references and construction. It’s pretty fun to watch.

She spends her days managing, a blog about vintage style, writing, (she writes for ebay), consulting with small vintage sellers (many of whom work vis-a-vis Etsy), recently read Lean In, and is always on the hunt for more perfect vintage! Her awesome ebook on the best vintage shops is available here and if you still want more Sammy D (and why wouldn’t you) you can check out some fab TV appearances!