36 year old Journalist/Blogger living in Miami

You won’t find Maria Tettamanti sulking on the streets of Miami.

Between writing for The Miami Herald, HuffPo, Ocean Drive Magazine, penning her blog, the aptly named “Wordy Girl,” being a mom of two, AND a self-described “part-time Mermaid,” this girl’s got too much going on not to smile. “Readers also like that I’m happy, upbeat and smiling in my pictures — I just try to be me.”

“Fashion is fun! I don’t want my blog to seem too serious or scary,” she says. Furthermore, she’s on a mission to “put Miami on the fashion map, because, let’s face it, from a national point of view, we don’t have the greatest sartorial reputation.” Tettamanti counters the stereotype, “Miami girls have crazy, sexy, cool style.” By the looks of her blog, we’d have to agree.

She would never bib her classic Chanel bags, Monique Lhullier wedding gown (“obvi!”), her pink-faced Rolex, or her treasured “push presents.”

Between deadlines, Tettamanti can be found with her “two kiddos, Ava and Yiani at the park observing their antics, or eating lunch alone and eavesdropping on my neighbors!” Here at Bib + Tuck, we love a good pun, so it certainly charmed when asked “what has been your proudest ‘Tuck’?” and Tettamanti enthusiastically replied, “I’m a virgin…but so ready to Tuck!”