Co-Creator/Author of White Girl Problems living in Los Angeles

Lara Schoenhals can say whatever she wants. “Its fun to write from the perspective of a character that doesn’t exist. It’s the ultimate freedom to say whatever…you have to take zero responsibility, because it’s all Babe.” That Babe would be Babe Walker—the outrageous yet lovable personality behind the hashtag that took Schoenhals’s life for a 180: #whitegirlproblems.

Lara sometimes finds herself wondering, “what would Babe do?” while shopping, which is funny because Lara is 1/3 of the hilarious team that pens thoughts like, “Talk all the shit you want about me, but leave my horse out of this.” Considering whose closet she’d most like to raid Lara pauses, and then says, “Probably Babe’s,” another pause, “if we were the same size” she says, reminding me that Babe is often on a liquid diet of one kind or another. “She has everything from Barney’s that I would ever want.” For a moment I can see Babe in her closet tossing month-old castaways to Lara. Alas, Babe is not real.

Lara, however, is, and, she’s just as funny. What might she want to tuck? “I’m trying to incorporate a monogram game back into my wardrobe, in a weird trashy way. For some reason, I’m kind of liking that throwback, it’s almost so tacky that it’s amazing. Even better if you can get it at a discount, I don’t know if I’d want to splurge on a Speedy in the stores,” she laughs.

Meanwhile, you’d be most apt to find Lara at home in sweatpants where she’s churning out Babe’s second book, which is scheduled to be released around the next holiday season. I’ll be on line faster than you can say “white girl problems.” In the meantime, you can enjoy and Lara’s musings @larzmarie.