Blogger + Consultant living in New York

If you could, wouldn’t you want to try a new lipstick everyday? We thought so.

Lara Eurdolian has gotten to do just that (maybe even more than once a day) ever since she launched Pretty Connected, her very well-read beauty blog. As a result of her blog, Eurdolian has found herself at more beauty launches then she can count–and she’s got the swag to prove it.

In 2009, Eurdolian had a pretty cool gig as the marketing manager at Jurlique. When the company announced they were moving their NYC office to Westchester, Eurdolian decided not to make the move with the company, planning to go travel. She started a blog to stay active in the industry, feeling she’d accumulated great tips she could share. As she put it, all of this was “before blogging was a THING.” She explained: “It was a hobby not a career.” She couldn’t have anticipated the 10+ events she’d be hosting for Refinery 29, curating a box for monthly service Wantable, meeting Oscar de la Renta or being quoted in The New York Times.

“No two days are the same,” Lara says, happy about it, even if it means consistent craziness, “The only real pattern is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll attend 1-3 events–something every night. You could ask me what I’m doing in three weeks, and my calendar would be totally empty and then closer to the date, I’m so booked up it’s ridiculous.”

So what does this beauty blogger do on the rare occasion she gets to spend a night in? “Doing nothing has become such a luxury,” she says “a night in with my boyfriend, going outside, l love playing ping pong, I’m a member at Spin, I used go all the time, but now once a month is good…once I even won a competition…in heels,” she reminisces. Maybe she misses more carefree times–but we think the lipstick is worth it!